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Oodee Launch 2020

In an industry already quite saturated, and an international crisis around the corner, I had no idea what I signed up for. This is the story of how I made the impossible, possible and launched Oodee successfully during a time where no brand should ever have expected a profitable launch.


Marketing Research to identify target market & Oppurtunities


Creation and optimisation of digital paid (social & SEM)


Social Media Management and Affiliate marketing


CREATING Nurturing campaigns and landing pages for promotions


Optimising Local seo & SEARCH Through Off-Network PR

The Problem

March 2020. A product that aimed to bring convenience and fun into the kitchen but with a very uncompetitive price appears.  They launch but struggle to get any brand awareness or reach. They hire me, Alex Moses, as their digital marketing manager and task me on making Oodee a household name. 

The Solution

Brand Awareness strategy took precedence in my mind, even though stakeholders were asking for sales numbers. This brand awareness strategy include positioning Oodee as wholesome small business trying to bring joy into the kitchen and create a social media community surrounding the brand.

The Results

After official launch in March 2020 we were able to grow our brand awareness in huge amounts through social media, off-network PR and influencer marketing. This growth continued until I left Oodee early May 2020.


  • Brand Awareness 80% 80%
  • Sales Growth 95% 95%
  • cpA DECREASE 85% 85%

I hope you like graphs. I show my results in quantifiable results to all business stakeholders. Here’s a peak into the data-driven success I brought to Oodee!

Data Reporting in Real-Time


I utilised google data studio to take all facets of data and represent them in a singular real-time report that would give stakeholders a good grip of how well our digital campaigns were going, e-commerce results, social growth, PPC reporting and highlight areas for growth and opportunity.

When reflecting on the results I achieved during my tenure at Oodee the highlights were; achieving traffic above 40k per month, conversion rate growth of 4% (up from 0.8%), Social Ads ROA of 120% with CPA on average being $8 (well below the industry standard of $56). 



Social Media Strategy with Guaranteed Growth


I don’t want to parade that I have a formula for guaranteed growth, nor can I take complete credit for this growth as good social strategies begin with great teamwork in the Marketing Team. Content Generators, Social Media Managers & Digital Marketers work together to create digital jazz, build hype and manage affiliates all with the end goal to increase brand awareness and generate sales. 

There was a good 2-3 weeks where this dynamic was realised and the team was an orchestra of social media building brilliance. The rest of the time I was a one man team building the brand as the Content Creator, Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer. This was of course due to COVID-19 setbacks and loss of good staff due to budget restraints. I managed to be a complete digital marketing team in one man for my complete time at Oodee, and I am glad to say thanks to my own hard work, determination and my skillset the results were amazing!




E-Commerce & Growth 

Managed the e-commerce website, designing and creating landing pages, maintaining the product feeds used in Shopping ads across Facebook and Google. 

Managed SEO and best practices reaching an SEO health score of 97 and optimising most pages to perform on mobile exceptionally. I brought up the issues with a user interface that was inhibiting sales earlier in the soft launch phase and was able to lead the IT team to develop a working website that would allow for a higher conversion rate. I used User Testing focus groups, Hotjar and FullStory to get an insight into customer experience and their buying journey and did a competitive analysis to see where our technologies were lacking and could use improvement. (The chart prior is the real sales charts for the Oodee if you wanna know how juicy these results were then hire me and find out)




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